BVRR Reports


  1. Have attended all B.V.R.R. Meetings at Hawthorn & Camberwell, as you would have seen by all my reports.
  2. Have also attended most Invitation Days, and presented Super Veteran Badges. 
  3. 0n the 18-19th May will be attending a 2 day Conference in Bendigo
  4. As most State Events are being held together, I have been able to attend most of these games as well as all the State Finals.
  5. Congratulations to the Winners, as they then went on to represent Gippsland Bowls Region in the State Finals.                                                                                                                                                                            
  6. And to those who entered, “the challenge will be there again next season.”  
  7. We need to see more Clubs encouraging their members to participate in these events as it will give them experience and a better understanding of the game.
  8. The Women’s East verses North Gippsland Challenge Match was won by East Gippsland against North Gippsland at Bairnsdale Bowls Club, out of that Challenge Match came the ladies picked to go to Murray Downs for the Women’s Sides ChampionshipThe facilities at Murray Downs Golf & Country Club where the Women’s Sides Championship was held were once again in excellent condition, it was a pleasure to watch our girls in action, and I am sure that they enjoyed the challenge against other Clubs.The Men’s East Verses North Gippsland Challenge Match was won by North Gippsland at Bairnsdale Golf Bowls Club and out of that Challenge Match the men to play at Traralgon Bowls Club, unfortunately I did not got to watch that particular game, which I believe was a great game.The Midweek and Saturday Pennant Finals were excellent to watch and played in good sportsmanship. 
  9. Bowls Victoria Champion of State Pennant 2018 was hosted by the Moama Bowls Club for both Saturday & Midweek Pennant,The Pennant Side from Lakes Entrance Gold (came very close to being in the Final   (four out of five games a great effort) and the Bairnsdale Midweek Pennant Side is to be congratulated to winning their way through to compete for the Title of State Club Champion in Pennant for the 2017-2018 Season.   (also 4 out of 5 games)  I wish I had been there to see their jubilation.                                                                    
  10. They should be proud of this achievement alone, both Pennant Sides played in excellent conditions.                                                                                                                                                                                                      As the BVRR of the East Gippsland Bowls Region I am very proud of the way our members conduct themselves, and wear with pride the Region uniform.                                                      
  11. I would like to give thanks to all those that have given help when asked.
  12. Cheers Fay